Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Freaky Friday Fiction - Impending Doom (Bonus fiction because it was too amusing of an idea not to.)

"Christ, David! We knew this day was coming. We were warned. Don't we have an apocalypse plan for it?" Lynn demanded as she peeked out the second story window.

David, who was rummaging through their apocalyptic plan cabinet, shook his head, "No. We didn't think it was going to hit us this soon. We don't have a plan for this at all."

She left her sentry post by the window and hurried to his side. "Ok, we don't have a lot of time. We'll just have to cobble something together from some of these other apocalypse plans." She reached down and grabbed the 'Zombie' file. "Definitely something from here."

"Oh! Does that mean I get to use my bat?"

"No. No bats."

"You'll get to use yours. Come on, it'll be cool, you and me, using our His and Hers apocalyptic bats..."

"No." The tone in her voice brooked no argument.

"Ok. Ok. We'll cobble something together from the 'Zombie' file and the 'Pandemic' file." He reached down and flipped through the files. "Don't need anything from flooding, rogue comets, ah! We'll need something from the 'Invasion' file I'll bet." He started looking through it.

She looked up from the floor where she was tearing apart the two other apocalypse plan files. "Yes. Definitely. If I only had ten minutes, I could put something together."

"Sweetie, I don't think we have ten minutes." David, still holding the file marked 'Invasion', had taken his wife's place at the window.

Before Lynn could question him on what he meant, the doorbell rang. The two of them froze in fright, staring at each other with terrified eyes. "Shit." Lynn whispered.

"You, uh, gonna get that?"

"Hell no. She's your mother. You let her in."

David hung his head and nodded. He handed the file back to her. With all their careful plans to survive any disaster, doom or apocalypse, neither had foreseen this one: the Coming of the Mother-in-Law. "Are you sure we can't use our bats?"

"No!" She paused. "At least, not yet."

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