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Woot! Kittens in my pants!

Doll 2: The Bath for Abby's Realm is done at 3000 words, typed to a large caramel frappacino. You know it's a good story when you find yourself breathing faster as you try to edit the story...

Next up, The Rescue of King Byron for Campaign magazine.

The kittens have a new favorite game. When I go to bathroom (to use it) and leave the door open, Delenn immediately comes in and hops into my pants. He hunkers down, playing with the fabric, purring like mad. Then, Sinclair will come in and seeing my pants moving, attack the pants monster - thus, her brother - who will then attack back - through the fabric. This will go on for a while until either I am ready to be done or I have finally had enough, tossing one or both kittens out of my pants, stating in all seriousness, "Alright, that's enough. No more WWIII in my pants!" At which time, I am seriously glad there is no one in the house to hear me utter such words.

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