Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

True Love

Reason #99 to love my guy - When I explained the reason why I have a 22 inch aluminum bat as part of my apocalypse preparedness kit, he decided that we needed "his" and "hers" apocalyptic bats. His will be a full sized wooden bat that he can use two handed and mine will be my aluminum bat that I can use one handed. He'll fight off the hoards while I unlock the gun cabinet, wield the torch or break into the army reserve unit.

Reason #227 to love my guy - Last night he pointed out to me that when the apocalypse comes, his house will still work fine for a while the way he has it set up. We'll have heat, a way to cook food and even have hot water.

Reason #228 to love my guy - He actually does begin sentences with "When the apocalypse comes..."

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