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August 6, 2007
I just got back from a night at the Salish Lodge & Spa. Jeff took me there to celebrate our three-month-iversary or "season-iversary." It was very nice. Fabulous food. Beautiful place. Excellent massages. We had a good time. We like to celebrate the months of dating just because. It is nice to tell each other "I appreciate you" and "I appreciate us."

I was a total geek for my little gift to him. I wrote him up a "90 Day Significant Other Review" in the style of an old Microsoft review. I figured he'd either love it or hate it and, fortunately for me, he totally loved it (he did get a 4.6 review score and a "bonus" in the form of a promised dinner at the Purple Café) and wants to put it up at work. I am encouraging this.

It's been just wonderful dating my guy. I really couldn't be happier. We've got the inside jokes "Cycloptic squid!" and our own little "I love you" hand signals. I frequently get complimented on how cute and adorable Jeff and I are together when I got to some of our regular spots by myself. People I never realized noticed us will mention how wonderful it is to see us together, how they love the fact that we walk hand-in-hand all the time and that he opens doors for me. Apparently, we are becoming a very recognizable couple around Redmond because of our little walking tours.

It is just so nice to be happy like this in my romantic life.

My writing life is picking up a lot, too. I'm about to start contract writing work with an Evil Empire that isn't Microsoft (yes, there are many in this area) that will hopefully stretch my budget out the extra month or two that I will need it to do so at the beginning of next year when I sell my condo. I went to EE2 last week and got the run down on what I needed to know for the work I'll be doing. I've got a test run to do this week and after that, it is off to the races.

I have just ended my seventh month of my Writing Sabbatical Year. Let's see where my Year-to-Date report card is:

  • Submissions: 36 of 60+ (on track)
  • New Short Stories: 21 of 24+ (ahead)
  • Freaky Friday Fictions: 31 of 50+ (on track)
  • Books read: 24 of 24+ (ahead)
  • Novel #2 word count: 22,200 (on track)

    Next week, Jeff and I will be going to GenCon where I will be meeting up with a bunch of authors and editors and to hopefully network in a major way. It's always good to do grips and grins with people you may be working with in the future. Before I go, I hope to be about 1/2 done with Novel #2, published the August TEoP issue and done some writing for OtherWorld Creations. I have a vignette on my docket for them this week.

    Other than all that, the world is quiet. Jeff is spending a lot of time working on his house, getting the new floors put in. I'm helping out here and there but it is mostly a one man job. I just provide the opinions when he wants them, go shopping with him and clean up from time to time. I can't wait to see it all when it is done. It is going to be frickin' beautiful.

    I just went through my yearly exam and I'm healthy as a horse. Not anemic, no thyroid issues, no random weirdness and even my cholesterol is good. The nurse assistant seemed very surprised when she was giving me the news on the phone. Part of it is because I've been losing the weight (albeit much more slowly these days), watching what I eat and exercising.

    I have started on the Pill (and thus high blood pressure medicine because I was borderline and the Pill does unhappy things to blood pressure) and that is going OK for the moment. I've had a lot of cramping since I started it. I hope that is just my body reaction getting used to the hormone pills. We'll see. I have another appointment at the end of August to see how everything is working out.

    Tarot Card for the Day: The Two of Wands
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