Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


I mentioned to a friend that I was starting to freak about money because looking forward to the end of my Writing Year, my budget is going to stretch really darned tight... to the point that I may have to borrow from my 401k or something to make it through the opening months of 2008 while I fix up and sell my condo.

He reminded me that he still had a PO open for me to work for him as a freelance writer at the Evil Empire that is not Microsoft (henceforth named EE!=MS) to do technical writing.

Oh, yeah. Sweet.

I went in today to look at what I'm going to have to do and it looks pretty easy over all. If it works out, he's happy to pass my name off to other departments. Over all I'm super pleased and am hoping that this all will cover the "end of year" budget crisis that is looming.

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