Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Anxiety Dream

2007.07.24 - Little Fires
It was wintertime and very cold outside. We had our gas heater keeping me and my family warm. I went to the back room, my parents' bedroom and discovered that there were tiny gas leaks all over the floor and tiny flames. I stomped on the flames and put them out. But they kept getting bigger the farther back I when in the room. Some of the drapes and plants were catching fire. I am able to put them all out but more keep coming.

At this point I can see that there are little fires springing up all over the place. I either needed help putting them out or I needed to turn off the gas heater. I paused, wondering if we would all freeze to death if the heater was turned off then I decided if I didn't turn it off, the whole place would go up in flames. I started asking people where the gas heater was and no one seemed to understand. Nor did they understand why I didn't want them to light any candles. I kept trying to explain the problem with the gas leaks and no one seemed to care at all.
Tags: dreams

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