Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Me Smart!

It was over 100 degrees today in Redmond. People were melting all over the place. Including me despite the fact that my condo stays relatively cool. 80 degrees indoors is still 80 degrees. In fact, at 9:30pm, it is still 87 degrees outside.

The hottest room in the condo? My bedroom on the second floor with its lofted ceilings. What keeps me warm in the winter has been killing me in the summer. I just went to check on it and mourned the fact that I couldn't open the windows in the top part of the loft where all the heat was trapped. It was too high up.

Then, my heat addled brain pointed out that my bed was right under the high window and I just might be able to reach them if I, you know, just stood on the bed. I have no idea why this thought never occurred to me before. I gave it a try and, viola! Opened window and trapped heat escaping. Me smart! Me may actually have a room cool enough to sleep in tonight.

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