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Meet Kitana

I helped Jeff clean out his snake's cage last night. And by 'help', I mean 'stood on the other side of the room and called out encouragements or warnings as the situation warranted'. Then I marveled at Kitana in the bathtub. You see, Kitana, Jeff's devil child as he likes to call her, is an 8 foot long redtail boa who is very grumpy.

Meet Esme - lovely princess bitch that she is:

Meet Kitana - lovely princess bitch that she is:

That is a liter bottle of scope, by the way.

This is a deep, long soaking tub with jets.

This is me, not figuring out where the center of the picture of my camera phone is as I take a picture of solarannulus holding Kitana.


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Jun. 27th, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
Esme is so purdy! And so is Kitana!
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