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Finis: A Book of Endings to Give People New Beginnings

Finis: A Book of Endings to Give People New Beginnings
By: Ryan Macklin, Paul Tevis, Jennifer Brozek, et al.

Format: 6x9 softcover, 96 pages

Pre-order today through Indie Press Revolution
Remember, all proceeds go to charities still helping with Hurricane Katrina relief & rebuilding!

From today, June 18th, 2007 to July 18th, 2007, Finis: A Book of Endings to Give People New Beginnings will be available for pre-order through Indie Press Revolution. If you buy during the pre-order period, you'll get a copy signed by many of the contributors, as well as the PDF for free. In fact, the pre-order is the only way we're currently offering the PDF.

Some of you have seen the preview of Finis's Table of Contents, which hints at the haunting, amazing stories contained within. Some of you have even gazed upon one of those stories, Paul Tevis' The Tome. Those of you who have have seen the amazing, hauntingly beautiful layout that Fred Hicks has done for the book. For those who haven't, I welcome you to take a couple moments and check out. But don't take my work for it -- here's what Fred has to say:

"I love how each of these stories feels like the tip of an iceberg — the final jagged edge that you impale the ship of your consciousness on. I feel like I can sense the larger whole, and that's pretty cool."

A Book of Endings...

Finis is a collection of short stories inspired by the horrible endings found in the "choose your own adventure" books many of us read as children. Each of the over 40 stories is a tragic end to some tale, completely contained in two pages. One fateful choice leads you there, whether in a world of fantasy, horror, science fiction, or the everyday.

To Give People New Beginnings...

Against this backdrop of tragedy stands a book of hope. All proceeds from the sale of Finis go to charities still working today to help those struck by Hurricane Katrina. You can find out more at the Tomorrow the World! Games site.

Many Voices, Many Fates

Finis is an anthology project. Nearly two dozen people came together to create stories and photographs, including creepy tales from Paul Tevis and haunting photography from Jeremy Tidwell. This gives Finis a wide range of unique ideas and breathtaking imagery. Each turn of the page is going to give you something new, from the final regrets of an alchemist to risking a trip into a monster-filled city.

Pick up the book. Flip to a random page. Choose your own fate.

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