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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with 18 Months - which is about TEoP, writing, kittens and stuff.

June 15, 2007
18 Months
It always amazes me when someone congratulates me on the longevity of a project. Most of the time, this is because I can't see the forest because of the trees. This month marks one and a half years of The Edge of Propinquity in publication. I have been so focused on getting this issue out that I completely forgot that it was the 18 month mark for the webzine and that is worthy of a celebration.

I am really proud of what this project of mine has become. It is a professional quality zine that pays semi-pro rates. I've hit over the 100 submissions mark this last week and many people enjoy the fiction that me and my authors put out each month. Here's a toast to my authors and my photographer. Thanks for all the hard work.

Novel #2 is chugging along. Not as fast as Novel #1 did but it is started and I'm finishing up chapter 2 now. We are starting to get into the meat of the novel. I'm pleased at how it is going. I've shared a snippet with some friends and all of them are creeped out by it. I consider this a win.

I have kittens again! This time it is a very young mother cat (who is barely more than a kitten herself) and three 2 week old babies (Lambda, Iota, Xi). I've never had baby kittens this young before so everyone is getting to see me in hyper-worry mode all the time with this batch of kittens. Especially when it seems that the smallest is having trouble finding momma cat's nipples for feeding.

So, I've now gotten some KMR formula and I'm going to start feeding at least Iota once or twice a day. Lambda and Xi both seem to be doing well at over 10 oz. Iota is only 8 oz. They have all been sexed, too. Lambda is the boy. Iota and Xi are girls. All of them are super cute and squeaky. They all are going to break my heart. I can tell.

Momma cat is slowly... slowly... warming up to me. I think I need to bribe her more. She seems to be a fan of the KMR milk. So I'll be mixing it in with her gushy food and I'll make sure to feed her some whenever I feed Iota. I figure in about a week or so, she will finally trust me enough to start coming to me instead of me having to dig her out of some place in the kitten room.

So, yes. My life is now revolving around baby kittens again.

Now that I've got a guy to worry about catching in my emotional shrapnel, I'm paying a lot more attention to my moods and mood swings. When I can tell my hormones are swinging out of whack, I let him know it is happening and I keep a tighter reign on things.

Aside: You gotta love a guy who says, "I still love you." when you warn him about impending PMS and immediately wants to buy you chocolate because he remembers what that entry of his "Care and Feeding" manual for me says about Jenn and PMS.

But, I digress. Keeping a tighter watch on my emotions has let me become immediately aware of emotional eating urges. I'm learning what they feel like and how the 'head hunger' differs from 'body hunger.' Some days, I wonder if I'm ever going to get to stop learning about myself and my foibles. Probably not. I'm a quirky sort of gal. Lots of flaws. Lots of coping mechanisms for these flaws.

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