Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

BLITEOTW in Review

Although Apocalypse Girl did not participate in BLITEOTW because she was checking her stockpiles, boarding up the house and making sure she would not be eaten, she was well pleased with most of what she read.

Apocalypse Girl's BLITEOTW Awards

Survived!: If you mentioned Grants Pass during the day, you win the "I Survived BLITEOTW day" award.

Best in Show: Cherie's voice post was awesome. I kept wondering if she would erupt in screams as a zombie attacked. Plus, her father called her after hearing the voice post to make sure she was all right.

Most Creative Spin: This award goes to random_girl who became the Queen of the Zombies without being bit.

Most Oblivious Spin: This award goes to parzanese for the most amusing oblivious spin on the day.

Most Tragic Loss: This award goes to the_misha for describing his lovely wife as a zombie and being holed up in the bathroom.

Most Evil Spin: This award goes to amiwithani for claiming to have released the zombie virus at a gaming convention two weeks prior.

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