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Fun, fun, fun!

No, really. I had at great night at deyo's place, gaming in the Mars campaign. I also got to meet jemstone (who struck me as someone who is scary smart in a good way) and sinboy (a definite cutie who struck me as someone who lives up to his name). Andy was there, too. But, Andy doesn't have an LJ, so Andy sucks. *nah*

I laughed my ass off. The Mars campaign IS the Knights of the Dinner Table, but in a good way. One GM, three guys and a girl. We even figured out which of the guys is the tactician (sinboy), rules lawyer (jemstone) and the power gamer (Andy). I, of course, am the roleplayer and deyo is the GM.

I love games where the lack of a common language leads to some interesting role playing. It's a great game when you can look at each other and grin, "We didn't cause a diplomatic incident!" I even used the explosives judiciously as a show of force and it worked!

It's also amusing playing a 17 year old Natalie Portman noble "Face" type leading an old grizzled explorer and Chow Yun Fat spy/accountant. I don't think I want to get into the Babylonian Klingon type of race (whom the other PC is from) that we've encountered in what could have been, but wasn't, a disasterous manner. Jim had me rolling with his externally voiced internal comments and assumptions about us.

Normally, I would be nervous about having to take the leadership role with new people but we clicked pretty well as a gaming group with only a few random tangents. I'm really looking forward to next week.

And, the quizzie-goodness

Gracie is the headstrong, green-eyed lawyer and love interest created for Jack Burton. She's tough, smart, and able to give the audience plot synopses quicker than you can say "David Lo Pan!" She was supposed to pick up an Asian girl named Tara at the airport when she got mixed up in some big trouble...

Take The "Which Big Trouble in Little China character are you?" Quiz.
Created by The Wing Kong Exchange


I am a natural story teller, and tales unfold in my mind almost without thought. I can entertain myself by reading a book that exists only in my head, which might make me seem distant from people at times.


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