Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


I have foster kittens again. This time it is a momma cat and three babies. The babies are about 14 days old and are just starting to move around. The momma cat is super shy and super docile. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time socializing her. She hides a lot with her babies but doesn't object at all when I dig her out of her hiding place. She is eating though, which was a worry.

I need names for the kittens. I do not know genders they are.

#1 is black and white with an upside down "V" in white on its forehead.

#2 is black and white with a single white stripe on its forehead.

#3 is a stripy gray-brown tabby (and is, frankly, the cutest of the bunch).

I'm pondering themes for the kitten names. Got any suggestions?

PS: Yes, Esme is pissy over having kittens in the house again. She hissed at me for smelling like them.

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