Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

A nice way to start the day.

BenLiblit: {wave}
GaanEden: Hihi
BenLiblit: Have I told you recently that you completely rock?
GaanEden: Uh... no?
GaanEden: Why do I rock?
BenLiblit: Ah, OK, let's fix that oversight right now.
BenLiblit: Jennifer Brozek, you completely rock.
GaanEden: Thank you!
BenLiblit: WIth sprinkles on top.
GaanEden: Even better.
BenLiblit: This is true as a general statement, of course. But at the moment I'm specifically commenting on the state of your writing year.
BenLiblit: (I was just reading your latest Abstract Thoughts entry.)
BenLiblit: You're ahead or on-track for everything except Novel #2, and even with that it's darn clear (in hindsight) that you were blocked because it just wasn't the right project at the right time. And now you've busted through that barrier too.
BenLiblit: It was a crazy thing you did, leaping off that "take a year to just write" cliff.
GaanEden: This is a very nice way to wake up. I have my own cheerleading squad. You, sir, are now my head pom-pom guy.
BenLiblit: Much to everyone's delight (and nobody's surprise), you lept off the cliff and ... soared.
BenLiblit: W00t! I have a title! Excellent.
GaanEden: *chuckle*
BenLiblit: Oh, and you're in love too. Which is awesome.
BenLiblit: I'm just so impressed with how much you have your shit together.
GaanEden: It's amazing that it seems like that on the outside. Inside, I feel like I'm walking on the edge of quicksand.
BenLiblit: Understood.
BenLiblit: But the point is ... you're walking.
BenLiblit: You could be making a left turn away from the quicksand to safety.
BenLiblit: You could be making a stupid right turn into the quicksand of doom.
BenLiblit: You're not doing either.
BenLiblit: You're walking on the edge. And that's a brave and wonderful thing.
GaanEden: Thank you. I'm trying. That's what this year is all about.
BenLiblit: {nod}
BenLiblit: OK, not to be completely self-centered ... but this is reminding me of a quote that you collected from me (as Benoni) for your "Wisdom of Imaginary People" page:
BenLiblit: "Lots of people are alive. But vanishingly few ever really live, choosing instead to sleepwalk from cradle to grave. Live! Eat, shout, run, screw, dance, shit, fly ... live! Wake up and live! Grab the world with both hands and hold on for the white-knuckled ride of your life. Live now, before you die in your sleep never even knowing what you missed."
BenLiblit: You're definitely having a good ride, my friend.
GaanEden: That's pretty damned awesome!

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