Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Sliding through the slush and the muck...

TEoP Slushpile Scorecard
  • 93 total submissions

  • 90 total submissions read.
  • 80 total rejections.
  • 04 total submissions kept for rereads ('maybe' reactions).
  • 06 total "Yes!" responses.

  • 03 submissions to go.

    Very odd mixture of submissions this time around. Either it was clearly crap (IE: most of it) or it was really pretty good. There were no in-betweens. The most annoying trend in this batch was the clear latching onto the word "Consequences" and nothing else from the Submission Guidelines. It makes me wonder if the Edge of Propinquity guidelines were edited and re-posted somewhere without a link back to the actual guidelines. Either that or people refuse to read.
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