Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Teatro ZinZanni

I went to Teatro ZinZanni with my best guy last night. It was fabulous. Really wonderful. I had such a good time.

However, I say with no arrogance, and no little pride, that my date and I were the best dressed guests there. I was in one of my Victorian corsets and a velvet skirt with my hair up and he was in a suit and tie. We were stared at and smiled at. I had many people compliment me on my corset and asked me what it was like to wear one.

What is it with Seattlelites having a night on the town in a t-shirt and jeans?! Why spend the kind of money you can spend at a place like Teatro ZinZanni and dress like you're going to a ballgame? I am at a total loss. Why not dress up and look fabulous? You look fabulous, you feel fabulous!

Teatro ZinZanni is closing in August for a time for relocation. They are not certain when they are re-opening. If you have never gone, you should go. But, for heaven's sake, please dress up! You won't regret it.

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