Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Fresh Ink!

Jenn/Me: I am freshly inked!
Friend: did that statement come in a balloon?
Jenn/Me: It did!
Friend: so what's your superhero name?
Jenn/Me: I have no idea but man, my ankle is sore.
Friend: Noideaman!
Jenn/Me: I'm a woman.
Friend: well, next time pick a name.
Friend: otherwise I can't be held responsible for gender-inappropriate monikers
Jenn/Me: Hmph.
Jenn/Me: My cat is awesome looking.
Friend: Cats are good at that.
Friend: oh wait, you are talking about your new tattoo?
Friend: or did you just draw on yourself with a marker?
Friend: like, really hard
Jenn/Me: my new tat, silly.
Friend:, why the tattoo?
Jenn/Me: And my guy decided he wanted to come with me. I didn't need him but he was appreciated. I knew how painful tats were but I had forgotten it.
Friend: they don't really compare with dentistry, but sure
Jenn/Me: To cover the dagger tat that I no longer needed as I've reconciled all parts of my life and I've wanted this cat silhouette for over a year.
Friend: you've reconciled ALL parts of your life?
Friend: daaaaamn
Friend: yeah, I guess that deserves a mark.
Jenn/Me: I am no longer hiding parts from each other.
Jenn/Me: The dagger is still there, just within the cat now.
Friend: gotcha
Jenn/Me: Happy Jenn!

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