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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Spring Has Sprung - Which is mostly about spring cleaning of all sorts.

April 24, 2007
Spring Has Sprung
Spring has definitely sprung and everyone's hormones are out of whack. There are break-ups and pairing ups and longings and histrionics and drama bombs everywhere. I am not immune to all this, though, sometimes I really wish I were. I'm listening to a lot of drama and finding myself caught up in it when usually I just listen, advise if requested and I let it go. I have to remind me that this drama is mostly immediate and transitory. It will not matter in a week or two.

I'm doing my own dating which comes with its own share of troubles. Sometimes it can be summed up as "boys are both fun and dumb." And I mean that in the most sincere, non-malicious way possible. However, the drama plus the boys has me a bit emotionally strung out which has me retreating from it all.

One way I am doing that is spring cleaning and purging my home of all my extra clothing. My bedroom is cleaner than it has been in ages and I am planning a Great Clothing Give Away for this weekend. Whatever my friends don't take will go to charity.

Spring also means that Esme has been blowing her undercoat like crazy. Thus, on the third hairball in three days, I had her shaved. She's just now getting over being annoyed at me about the whole situation. However, no fur all over the place and no hairballs makes me a lot more happy.

Along with the coming of spring and spring cleaning, there is the normal wear and tear on the house which can make things most interesting for a home owner such as myself. About this time last year, my refrigerator had a mental breakdown and decided that it would rather be an oven. This year, my oven's bottom rack has given up the ghost and refuses to work at all. I've taken a look at the owner's manual and discovered that my oven is old enough that you still have to wiring the elements in by hand. There is no each way to pop them in and out, replacing bad with good. In fact, my oven is so old that when I called around for the part, no one had it. It would have to special ordered. This means that, in some cases, it is actually cheaper to buy a brand new oven than try to replace the element in the one I have. So, with the money I just got from my RPG writing, I'm going to go buy a new oven. At least this means I can buy what I want to match my idea of what the kitchen is supposed to look like.

On the writing front, I have sent out Draft Zero of Novel #1 on time and on schedule. I have decided that I am definitely working on the young adult novel for Novel #2. I spent a little time reworking the prophetic poem that will wind its way throughout the book. The ending of it still needs help. Later this week, I will do a general outline and, come May 1st, I will begin again.

On the RPG writing front, I've received my copy of Castlemourn (and partial payment for it). It is a hefty, good looking, book. Even though I worked on it, there are a lot of things in it that I am still discovering. It's a great post apocalyptic fantasy setting. Right up my alley. Also, work on the new IDG contract should begin soon. My writing docket it comfortably half-filled.

Thus, that leaves time for fun writing in the form of character fiction for the EC LARP and my Ventrue character who is getting a lot more attention from people than she ever wanted - especially from the people in power. I really am having a blast in the Emerald City Chronicles LARP. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out in the new Firefly LARP, the Ji Dian Station, which is starting up.

I'm not sure why, but tattoos and tarot cards seem to be linked for me in some unexplainable way. If I get interested in one, the other pops up in my life in an unexpected manner. This time, I did a tarot reading for a friend - the first reading I've done in more than a year. While I have to remind myself of what all the cards mean and the nuances of certain cards next to each other, I have not lost my touch. This, of course, makes me a lot more interested in reading for people so I can get back into the groove of doing so without having to reference the book.

The day after the tarot reading, I was walking around downtown Redmond and found a tattoo shop. Startled me, I'll tell you. A tattoo shop in downtown Redmond within walking distance of my house? Who would have thunk it? I went in and looked at the guy's portfolio. It looked pretty nice. So, I'm going to go back sometime soon and get the ankle tattoo I have wanted for over a year now. It's just a simple cat silhouette but it will give me an idea of the guy's working style, quality of work and price range.

Tarot Card for the Day: The Moon, Inverted

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