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Can this day get any worse???

I got up late for lunch with M'ris and as I'm frantically getting ready, I hear Sheridan squeak at me. I turn and watch her wobble towards me then flop on her side because she doesn't seem to have the strength or balance to sit up. My heart sinks. Something is dreadfully wrong with one of my kids. I make an appointment with the vet - praying I don't have to see Doc S., making myself even more late, then rush out the door...

... only to not be able to find Applebee's.

I'm going to have to stand M'ris up on her birthday lunch with me. I must have driven all over Union Landing and saw -every- frickin' food joint in existance except for the one I needed. After 15 minutes of that, I rush home and call the Union City Applebee's. M'ris and I talk. (I feel SO bad.) We decide on meeting up tomorrow cause I have the kittens and she has to shop.

Once that is done, I pick up Sheridan and I am alarmed to see her head bobbling like a new born's - to weak to hold up on her own. I have to bring in the entire litter cause whatever is wrong might spread to the other two.

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