Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


The Definition of Panic is to look inside your wallet and notice that one of your two credit cards is not in their accustomed place.

The Definition of Hyperventilation is to look all over your house and in your extra purses to see if, for some odd reason, that you put it there.

The Definition of Fear is to call the credit card company and discovering that someone used your credit card at a gas station just yesterday.

The Definition of Relief is to suddenly remember that that was you and that you stuck the card in your coat pocket instead of its accustomed place in your wallet because people were waiting on you and you wanted to be nice and move for them sooner.

The Definition of Smart Dumbass is not putting your credit card in its accustomed place, not remembering that you left it in your pocket but calling the credit card company immediately upon discovering the card was missing who then triggered your memory into finding credit card again.

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