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March 18, 2007
Imaginary Worlds
Life, she is doing good these days. I'm more than 2/3rds done with Novel #1 and I think I just got another poem accepted by a magazine. It is a tentative "yes" and that makes me happy. Novel #1 should be done at the end of this month or the beginning of next month which will be right on schedule. Then, I will shift over to the next novel and let Novel #1 stew for a couple of weeks before doing a full edit on it. Then I will send it out to the first round reader group.

I have a number of projects that going to press soon in May and June. So, it will feel like I have a bunch of stuff showing up, then nothing until November which is when the most recent THINGUS from MWProductions is scheduled to hit the distributors. I know. This eight months later than when it was originally scheduled but at least it is still going to press.

I have to say; sometimes waiting for the finished product is one of the hardest things about being an author. It can take many months to years to see some products finally in hardcopy print. The waiting time kills me. The second worst part is the editing and re-editing of your project until it is perfect.

Since I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for Novel #1, I am going back and forth on what I what to write for Novel #2. Originally, I said I wanted to work on my YA novel(s). Then, I started wanting to work on the second novel in the Hedari series. Now, I'm waffling. I know I cannot (and should not) do both at the same time. I guess I will make my choice after Norwescon and I should not worry about it until then.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on short stories and TEoP. I'm very proud of TEoP. It is shaping up to be a very nice webzine.

Happily, my brain is being eaten up by my Emerald City Chronicles character, Chloe Livingston. I revealed her big basket of trouble to a couple of her allies on Saturday night. Some of them are making the intuitive leap that it is connected to one of the main plotlines going on. I did not know if it is or not. I presented my personal plotline idea to the STs and one of them has taken it and ran with it. It might. It might only be a red herring. I won't know until it all plays out. Hopefully, Chloe won't be dead-dead by the end of it ... or dead-wraith.

I am starting to get my gaming fix satisfied in a major way and that makes me very happy. (Especially in light of Masquerade dying a sudden and ignoble death.) Chloe is working out well. I seem to have set up this character's background well enough to slide her across definite boundaries. She has friends in the Giovanni, the Anarchs and the Ventrue. She even got in trouble for being a bit TOO buddy-buddy with an Anarch in Elysium. (Chloe: "Why would anyone care what I do? I have no status. I'm just a little ol' nobody." Primogen: "You are Ventrue! I expect you to act accordingly.")

It also looks like I will be joining a Dark Ages table top game with some of the EC crowd in the next couple of weeks or so. I have wanted to get into a table top Vampire game for a while. I'm really looking forward to it. It will be good to get to know some of the EC crowd outside of the game. It is hard to get to know a new bunch of people in such an environment. Everyone is getting ready to play beforehand or in a twitter afterwards because of what just happened. I generally don't have the patience for a big group for "Afters" after the game. I usually take off with the Nexus crowd and either go eat or go home. So, this will be nice.

Finally, on the gaming front, Rory and Jim are spinning up their monthly Firefly LARP Ji Dian Station. We were play testing the system part of it in mock pit fight combats and everyone learned real quick like that grenades suck in a major way. But, the system seems to be doing alright in speeding up combat - the part about LARPs I hate the most. We shall see what happens. It is another game that I am looking forward to.

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