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Well, I've done about all I can do to get ready for this little trip of mine. Thinking about it, I'm not that worried anymore. I've realized that my family and I really won't have time to get into over politics or religion. My schedule is looking something like this:

- Drive 8 hours to Orange, CA
- Rest for an hour, then go to the rehersal dinner
- Meet with my brother and his finacee to open family gifts
- Bed

- Breakfast
- Wedding
- Reception
- Visit with family. Deflect any religious/political discussions with samples of me being published.
- Bed

- Breakfast
- Say my farewells
- Drive 8 hours back to Fremont, CA

I've got Casey feeding the kittens and GregE coming in to play with them. So, I'm not worried for the kittens right now. I'll have two days to relax from the trip and work on my author sites and getting together those stories for the website I'm now writing for. I'm actually looking forward to all of this.

I'll see you Sunday. Don't do anything I wouldn't do or, at least, don't get caught.

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