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I don't wanna!

Boy, do I have a real bad case of the "I don't wanna's!" I have done everything possible to not work on Novel #1 today. I have actually been pretty productive all things considered. I have:

1. Contacted MWProductions to see what they will have me working on this year. All things considered, I'm a little disappointed. However, things change very quickly. We'll see how it goes.

2. Contacted Indalo Design Group to see what the status of my contract with them is. I should receive it (and the NDA) this week. Thus, soon, I can talk about the uber-cool project they have me working on.

3. Contacted FanPro about upcoming projects.

4. Signed yet more paperwork and faxed off tax information to Amazon.com. Since it is pretty darned official and I've signed all kinds of paperwork - yes, I am now a freelance contractor for Amazon.com. This is what my nervousness about money gets me: non-fiction freelance work for a very big company.

5. Answered all kinds of work related email.

6. Ran out to fax the tax information and to deposit a couple of lingering checks.

And now, I'm back to square one, looking Novel #1 in the face. I think, I'll only write about 1000 words on it today. Then, I'll go take a walk or something. It is too pretty to stay inside.