Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Lights out in Redmond... or part of it: my part.

So, sometime between 7am and 10:30am, the power went out in my part of town. I'm guessing the transformer blew again. So, I made a round of calls to the Nexus (Jim, Dan, Brad - stopping when I got Brad - Jim, Dan, no need to call me back) to see if they had power. They were going to be my end of the line stop if I couldn't find a coffee shop open and with power. Fortunately, SoulFood Books in Redmond is open and has free WiFi now - not to mention the best damn white chocolate mocha around. So, now, I'm hunkered down here for the next couple of hours to work on Novel #1 and have food before I check on my home and cat and then end up at the Nexus for the Masquerade game.

Btw, Happy Birthday to deyo!

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