Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Tax Man Cometh... and brings gifts - Again!

I would just like to say that I adore, frickin' adore, my tax guy. He spent a good 90 minutes with me going over all my stuff. Not only did he get me enough of a refund to pay for a full month of my Writing Year, he went over, in detail, what sort of documentation and records I will need for next year's tax time.

Bryan is one excellent and interesting CPA. He is friendly, smart, has good advice and is reasonably priced. He goes into my "highly recommended" category. So, if you are in the Seattle area and looking for a tax guy, I recommend:

Bryan G. Mifflin, M.S. (Tax), CPA
Bettinger Mifflin Rich
CPA Group P.S.
611 Fourth Ave, Suite 201
Kirkland WA 98033

I will be toasting to him tonight at the_mercury.

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