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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Thoughts & Thank You - This is my vacation and convention report.

February 23, 2007
Thoughts & Thank You
A ton has happen over the past couple of weeks of vacation/working. For most of it, I was in California, visiting friends. I stayed with Heather in Sacramento for almost a week and really enjoyed my time there. While Heather worked at work, I worked on the novel. I reached the half way mark while in CA, ahead of schedule. That was really nice.

I honestly thought about moving to Sacramento, wondering what it would be like and if it would be good for my career or not. In the end, I decided against it because of several reasons. The biggest one is the fact that I am allergic to California now. I cannot go back to CA without having all kinds of itchy eyes and runny nose problems. There are other reasons but that is a major one for me.

I do need these trips to CA to remind me why I should not return but it doesn't make me miss the people there any less. I brought home good memories and more Heather paintings

Dundracon was a very good time thanks to my friends. These biannual heart-family reunions mean so much to me. There's so much fun, talk and sharing that goes on with them that makes my life richer every time I return.

This year, there was a more subdue feeling but not in a bad way. There was more one-on-one talking/sharing and less performing for the masses. Less competition for attention. Oh, there was beer, lunch money and trash talking but there an undercurrent of inclusion or an effort to make sure everyone felt included.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just talking through rose-tinted memories. I had such a good time.

Thank you to Team Volare for being the politically incorrect people we are.

Thank you to Rob for getting the beer and calling me "Pretty lady" as well as enjoying the LARP.

Thank you to Wendy for sharing a hotel room with me and talking late-late into the night like girls at slumber parties do.

Thank you to Bill - a huge thank you - for running "Rhun's Avalon Inn" with me and for just being the awesome guy that you are.

Thank you to Dave for making it so I can write this convention off as work related! Not to mention the awesome compliments to the LARP.

Thank you to David and Lori for the bar, the cookies and for being points of contact for LARPs. Also, for being awesome in the Endless Adventures LARP.

Thank you to Big Dave for always being there to help out and pick up the slack.

Thank you to Devon and Matt for just being there to talk with me. I really like it when we do.

Thank you to Rich for running two very awesome games.

Thank you to Greg and David for putting me up and putting up with me.

Thank you to Good Omens for continuing to be what we set out for the group to be all those years ago. By the way, the swag is pretty darned keen.

I feel like there are more people to thank for making my trip so darned good but I can't think of them off the top of my head. It is these fond memories that keep me going with times are tough and it feels like the whole world hates me. I know it doesn't and these memories prove it to me.

On the writing front, I am very pleased with what's going on. I got an email from my contact at the big company I will be doing non-fiction freelancing for that the paperwork is moving through the system and I should have that all dealt with in a couple of weeks.

I picked up a co-authorship contract with a company that is not MWProductions that I am very excited about now that I've started looking at the books and the universe I will be writing in. I adore horror and I can't wait to let my imagination take on this new playground.

I got an email from MWProductions about the next project they have me scheduled for. I don't have any of the details except what it will be based on. No idea if it is just contributor, co-author or single author. I'm really hoping for my next level of Author (prestige class: RPG) which will be the single author cover credit.

I've officially picked up a professional editor for Regresser's Evolution in hopes of giving it the text massaging it needs to not only get the agent I want but to get a book contract.

Novel #1 is ahead of schedule and Draft Zero should be done by 1 April. The next story for the Edge of Propinquity has been started and I'm still futzing around on the non-TEoP stories I want to write.

All in all, my writing plate is very full and this is a very good thing.

I think my cat missed me. She has been attached to me since I got home. She's even sleeping up by my head and purring in my face - something she never does. Hopefully, she will shift into "I'm mad at you" mode and ignore me for a couple of days. This constant attention is hard on the sleep and on my work.

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