Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

FAN GIRL REPORT: Damn, that was a good concert and worth the missed sleep!

Abney Park who is composed of abneyangel, grx, magdaleneveen, nathan_fhtagn, and robert_from_ap put on a spectacular show at Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma tonight.

I really wish voice posting had been working. I tried to make a couple of voice posts from the concert but it wasn't up. Cherie tried for me, too. Btw, this means I might not be making any voice posts during my trip from here to CA tomorrow. But, I'm going to try. If I can't get through, I'll be calling Heather along the way.

One of the best moments of the evening:
Ex-coworker: Wow, you look fantastic. I've got to ask, how long have you been with Abney Park?
Me to Robert: Did you hear? I'm with Abney Park.
Robert: Heh.
Me to ex-coworker: Oh, about a year now.

Another awesome moment of the evening:
Abney Park gets done performing my favorite AP song "Dear Ophelia" to roaring applause.
Robert out to the crowd: Jennifer? Where are you, Jennifer? Raise your arm.
Me: *WTF?*Moment of Panic*Step forward and raise my arm*
Robert to me: Yeah, we weren't going to play "Dear Ophelia." We obviously hate to play this song. (Referencing him and me talking before the show and me asking "Are you going to play "Dear Ophelia?" Please?)
Me: *claps hands and blushes like mad*

I got my fangirl squee on. I got to see Cherie and Aric and Eve. I got to see Abney Park in concert. It was a great night.

Cherie got a bunch of videos of the evening. I'll link to them as soon as she links them.

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