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Books and Reading

TEoP Slushpile Scorecard
  • 65 total submissions

  • 58 total submissions read.
  • 51 total rejections.
  • 03 total submissions kept for rereads ('maybe' reactions).
  • 04 total "Yes!" responses.

  • 07 submissions to go.

    I went looking for my missing Steve Perry books to no avail. Elsbeth even called something like 15 different used bookstores and only found one of the books I wanted. I called Heather about having her hunt for my books in used bookstores in CA. She suggested that I go ahead and just order them online and if I can find them locally, cancel the online orders. I thought about it and decided that it would be less painful for me (and everyone around me) if I did that. So, I did. My Steve Perry books are now winging their to me.

    However, on the good side of things, while I was looking for the Steve Perry books, I did find Frank Herbert's "The Jesus Incident" - the first in a trilogy that I've been looking for forever. All I'm missing from that trilogy now is "The Ascension Factor." So, go me!
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