Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Selfish Bitch

I'm having a seriously bad selfish bitch moment when I should not. I still haven't gotten my character sheet for a game that is going on this Saturday and I'm missing three of my old favorite books. I can't figure out who I loaned them to. I swear to goodness I need to get a loan form together because of how much freaking out I do about my books. I'm too much of a bibliophile not to. Because of these two petty, insignificant things, I am stewing and pissy. I suppose because they involve two things I'm very emotionally invested in: Gaming and Books.

So, instead of being a grumpy wench, I'm going to list the good things for today and then go do something productive. Or, at least away from the computer.

  • I got in 2300 decent words today. That brings my novel word count up to 13,300.
  • I have been approved to become a probationary (non-fiction) freelancer for a big company doing web content that will allay some of my money fears. This has a very nice potential as a possible part-time writing career.
  • I had a Starbucks white chocolate mocha. It was damn good. I swear they put crack in it. I'm allowing myself one of these a week and I'm using gift cards to pay for them.
  • I have a decent amount of gift card money for Starbucks. So, none of it is coming out of my increasingly shrinking budget.
  • I've set appointments for buffing, polishing and waxing before my CA trip.
  • I almost have everything I need to go see my tax guy.
  • I donated $500+ to the care and feeding of my foster kittens this last year.
  • I rescued one of the cats I'm watching from the bathroom it locked itself into last night and the other cat has stopped hissing at me.
  • Jim is a sweetie and encourages me to look on the bright side when I can't do it for myself.
  • Heather always amuses me with her User Woes. Today's rant was a good one.
  • My TEoP authors are all on the ball in a good way.
  • Less than 2 weeks until I go to CA.

    There. I feel better. Now, I'm going to go watch Jim and Dan wrestle a bowflex machine into shape before going out to dinner with Kristi tonight.
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