Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Party Animal! (Sorta.)

I was at the Merc last night with Cherie, Aric and Jim. Awesome time. Then, just as I was thinking of going to go visit Matt at the Crypt, the second wave in the form of Ben et al showed up. (He had an entourage of about 10. I'm too lazy to name them all.)

I learned some things last night:

1. I've lost more weight. Good! Bad, too. On the way out I lifted my hand and my traveling ring went flying. The neighbor's little girls helped me find it this morning. The other ring I lost, the silver one from Pike's Place Market, was lost at the Merc and I don't know when. I should have just put it in my purse when it wouldn't stay on, even after my hands swelled up a little with the alcohol and the heat of dancing.

2. Damn, I'm a lightweight. 1.5 Red Death's and I was hammered. I stopped drinking before 11pm and wasn't ready to drive until almost 2am - even after 32 ounces of water.

3. I know I'm getting old (or just need to lose more weight, dammit) when my head doesn't hurt in the morning but my knees do! But, I did go out and dance. It was cool. Aric is fun to dance with.

But, last night was exactly what I wanted it to be - laid back and relaxing.

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