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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Starting is the Hardest Part - Which is why I'm all sulky right now and what I'm going to do about it.

Starting is the Hardest Part
January 12th, I backed up all work. Over the weekend, I wrote "No Plain Jane" and sent it to a first round of readers. Monday, I started the new novel. Monday night, I came home and my computer was dead. Tuesday morning, it was still dead. I have "No Plain Jane" in my Gmail (thank god) but I've lost about 2500 words on Novel #1. The beginning of Novel #1.

Starting a new story is the hardest part for me. I want that first line to jump out of the page and to grab you by the short hairs. I want the following paragraph to slap you around like a dominatrix just warming up, leaving you begging for more. I want the whole story to stick in your brain for days and to pop out of your memory at unexpected moments. I want you to want to remember it all and have a visceral, emotional reaction every time you think of it.

The beginning of Novel #1 was not like that. Not yet. But, it had been started. It was a hard start. I did not know what to start with. So, I just started and wrote, knowing that it would be an excellent way to begin the novel. The next day, I would begin the polish on it. The act of editing in draft zero at the start of every writing session is an appetizer to a big literary meal for me. It wets my writing palate. It stimulates my brain. It gives me my starting point, because, for me, starting is the hardest part, and puts me into that groove when I come to the end of the written word. My brain and fingers already know what's coming next.

I finally figured out that THAT was why I was so incredibly sulky and vexed about the situation. If Rory can't do the data recovery, I'm going to have to start it all over - again. Talk about a motivation hazard. But, I'm going to have faith that Rory will be able to do the data recovery. Hope is a precious thing.

Everything else is on its way to being taken care of. The data recovery is scheduled. New hardware is on the way. The backup system will be in place by the end of the month. Yes, there are some major inconveniences for me in this but they are just that - inconveniences to be overcome. They are not blocks.

But, dammit, I don't want to begin again on Novel #1.

So, I'm not. I'm going to push off the novel again and work on the February TEoP story instead. I won't be losing productivity since I need to write this story anyway. I had just planned to wait until next week. So, TEoP will be done sooner rather than later and that's that.

In other writing news, Grants Pass got turned down. Not because he didn't like it. Because it didn't have any BIG name authors in it. He really liked it but because the anthology market is so tough, without a couple of big names attached, he doesn't think he can sell it. Thus, he cannot accept it. He thinks after I've made more of a name for myself, I'd have an easier time selling it. Or, if I can get people like Greg Bear, Stephen King, Margaret Weis or other big sellers to write for me, it would sell now. So, I'm going to ping all of those authors I pinged a couple years back, explain the new situation and see if their schedules have freed up any.

On the good side of things, he is interested in reading the full Regresser's Evolution manuscript. My intent with this book is to have a series of shorter Space Opera books like Steve Perry's Matador series are. Fast paced and action packed.

The erotica commission is off to a few 1st readers. One got back to me immediately and his feedback was pretty good. I've tightened up the prose a bit and I'm waiting for more feedback. I love the fact that I have a HUGE "duh" mistake not two paragraphs into the story that I should have caught on my aloud rereading for exactly such mistakes.

Snow... snow... snow... Fuck it. It's cold. It's wet. It's icy. I'm tired of it.

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