Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

No Magic for Me

Roland did not magically recover himself for me this morning. I am most put out. But, after talking to Mom, mostly to sulk about things, I'm feeling ok. I've already had one friend offer me a new laptop drive and a custom built desktop. I am accepting this because I am definitely moving back to the desktop. More reliable. More stable.

So, Rory is going to try to data recover for me soon. It was tonight but I don't think I want to drive on sheets of ice. In the meantime, I'm going to be doing all my work on the novel on Susannah.

Plus, I'm going to take this time to clean both of my desks. Ye Cats and Dogs! How dirty they both are!

I am going to make the best of this. It's all I can do. It will make for a good war story when I am a famous author doing talk shows, book signings and convention panels. What's most important work habit? Regular back-ups because technology is a fickle bitch.

Though, if Rory can't recover my data, I'm really going to mourn the loss of my browser links.

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