Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

So. Yeah. Ok. Great.

So, you know that I said that lovely phrase: "You know you're a stay at home author when your laptop is your office."? This has good and bad sides to it.

Yeah. When I came home from visiting the people at the Nexus, my laptop was displaying the lovely message, "Primary Hard Drive 0 not found."

Ok. I've had this happen before. Unplug. Remove battery. Remove Hard Drive. Hard reset. Put everything back together. It fixes whatever is wrong. Nope. "Primary Hard Drive 0 not found."

Great. Diagnostics. Drives not found. Ok. Great. Call some people. Yeah. Nothing doing tonight. Choices: See if it reboots in the morning (it has done this before). Call Dell in the morning. Data recovery at Rory's tomorrow night.

This will be the second Dell laptop drive to completely fail on me in less than three years. I am less than pleased. The only good thing is that I'm under a good warranty. Last time, they just sent me a new hard drive, free of charge but I had to re-install everything.

The only reason I'm not COMPLETELY freaking out right now is the fact that I did a thumb drive back up a couple days ago. The important stuff I've done since then mostly ended up in my Gmail account. Though, I will lose about 2500 words on the new novel. Also, I have my "secondary" laptop, my MacBook, Susannah. I'm still able to write and connect to the internet.

I'm seriously pondering buying a new desktop. This Dell laptop has been for the birds. The Dell desktop I had lasted for 5 years without a problem.

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