Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Answers to a Meme.

The Meme is still open. This post will be continuously updated.

britgeekgrrl - I like you because your cynical heart turns to mush in the presence of kittens. Watching that is very cool.

silverstreak - I like you because your unassuming visage hides an extremely devious nature that makes me grin.

shaharazad - I like you because you are the evilest nice guy I know.

digitaleopard - I like you because you are a damn fine shooting partner and there are few that I would go shooting with on a regular basis. This is huge for me.

sylvan - I like you because you are one of the most creatively interesting people I know. You are always coming up with something that makes me blink or think or both.

baronlaw - I like you because you and I have so much in common that you understand me, my moods and my needs. You also know how to respond to them.

cooperati - I like you because you remind me of some of my favoritest gaming times in my life. I will always remember Emperor Norton.

bunyip - I like you because you are my random nice guy pinging me whenever I need someone to cheer me up - whether I know it or not.

fullcontactmuse - I like you because you are an artistic pain in the ass like me. You are excellent to bounce ideas off of and I appreciate that.

hastings1066 - I like you because you are a huge anime freak and I know if I ever want to borrow something you have, you'll let me.

stina_leicht - I like you because of the way you write. I like the imagery your words create in my head.

k_crow - I like you because, while we don't really know each other well, when we meet up; there is a sense of kinship. I'm not sure where it comes from but I like it.

evaleastaristev - I like you because you are an enthusiastic doll who games and goes to the merc and that makes you a lot of fun to hang out with. BTW, I -might- end up NPCing during the Feb game of EC.

camino_volare - I like you because, despite your irreverent ways, you really care about your friends and you make them feel appreciated. It's one of the reasons I look forward to seeing you at conventions.

shiningmoon - I like you because you post kitty pictures and because of your recent post about Doc Martens.

poetry_lady - I like you because you know what you want and you are not willing to settle for less. You aren't willing to settle at all.

phoebe_k - I like you because you always challenge me and make me think. Sometimes it is frustrating but I find myself thinking about our conversations long after they are done.

mock_cat - I like you because you make damn fine milkshakes.

merovingian - I like you because, somehow, you have come to represent the Bay Area for me. Seriously. When you came to visit, I kept getting confused on where I was. In a way, that is neat.

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