Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Why I *heart* Ben

Ben Liblit: Oh, there you are!

GaanEden: I was alphabetizing my books.
GaanEden: I'm up to "H"

Ben Liblit: Heh.
Ben Liblit: I had a mental image I wanted to share for you. A scene, if you will.

GaanEden: OK

Ben Liblit: This was inspired by your two most recent LJ postings.
Ben Liblit: Specifically, the "two rivals chatting over coffee" aspect of FFF and the "I don't know if Phoebe butter him up" aspect of the other.

GaanEden: Heh

Ben Liblit: The scene is two nonspecific publishing professionals chatting over coffee. Call these two people A and B.
Ben Liblit: A: "So did you hear? Jennifer Brozek is taking a year off to do nothing but write."
Ben Liblit: B: "Don't tease."
Ben Liblit: A: "No, I'm serious. She quit her job and is spending a year writing."
Ben Liblit: B: (raises eyebrow)
Ben Liblit: B: "Really? Who'd she sign with?"
Ben Liblit: A: "Nobody. She's freelancing."
Ben Liblit: (pause for a heartbeat as A and B look at each other, eyes widening as the implication of this becomes apparent)
Ben Liblit: (A and B madly scramble for their cell phones, trying to remember your number or which button they have you on speed dial)

GaanEden: *chuckle*

Ben Liblit: End of scene.

GaanEden: I love it. Wish it were true.

Ben Liblit: It will be.
Ben Liblit: If not now, then on the next round.

GaanEden: Perhaps so. From your lips to the universe's ears.

Ben Liblit: :-D

GaanEden: This is why I like you, Ben. You always make me smile.

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