Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Love this job!

The new job is working out but my new boss is a real pain in the ass slave driver. I swear. I am supposed to be done every day by 1pm but, so far, she's kept me late every day.

Ok, so, it's been with good reason. I emailed a literary agent asking him if he preferred post mail or email query submissions. He got back to me in less than an hour, told me email and that he looked forward to my submission. I don't know if Phoebe buttered him up for me or if he is just this nice (and fast!) in general.

So, the end result of the last couple of days of work is the fact that two query packages (Grants Pass, Regresser's Evolution) are off to a potential agent/publisher. I've decided to hold off on a TEoP query package until I hear back on these two.

I am very excited and very nervous.

Now, it's on to the January Kendrick story. I'm a wee bit behind but, at least, the story has already been started.

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