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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Three Novels and a Query Letter - which is about the Wind Storm of 06, Travel and Writing.

December 20, 2006
Three Novels and a Query Letter
The Wind Storm of '06...

The power went out on the night of the 14th. It didn't really affect me until the next day when I went looking for a warm spot to work and a cup of coffee and discovered that the wind storm had knocked out all of Redmond and there wasn't a street light working. I drove all over and discovered that only my favorite QFC store was up and partly running. So, of course, I stopped in.

You might think that I went in and got the staples to deal with the power outage. Nope. I picked up champagne, red bull and some chips. Yes, really. You see, I am well prepared for the apocalypse. (Except for an extra 5 gallon thing of gas. Must remember to get that.) I've got emergency water and emergency rations already tucked away. No need for me to go get that when everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

What I didn't have was the champagne I promised for the Good Nibbles party or Red Bull for my road trip the next day. Thus, an hour long trip to the grocery store while people around me panicked. What else was I going to do? Plus, it was warmer than my house.

Much warmer. I only lasted about two more hours at my place before I called over to the Nexus and asked if I could come over early. They had a fire going in the fireplace. The answer was, of course, yes. So, feeling guilty for abandoning my cat to a cold house, I plumped up a blanket for her, gave her some gushy food and left her to her own devices.

At the Nexus, we had a fabulous time with chocolate, cheese and wine by candlelight. The fireplace was so nice and warm. I ended up spending the night. The next day, it was off to Oregon for more birthday stuff. Apparently, the power came back for my condo on Saturday at about 3pm - 2 hours after I left.

Travel - Past, Present and Future...

Past - I'm doing a LOT of traveling right now. I just got back from a 4 day road trip to Oregon to visit with Kai, Steph, Heather and Kirsti. It was a very good trip. So good to see Heather again. Plus, the last time we all were in the same room together was the going away party at Dave & Buster's that Yony threw for me.

We did some walking down to Doris Park and the river. Not only did I get a whole bunch of blisters (wool sock + biker boots + tromping in the woods = OW), I figured out how to kill off more of my friends in future Freaky Friday Fiction pieces.

This was a really special weekend for a lot of reasons. I had a couple of new experiences that I will treasure.

Present - Saturday, I will be off to Illinois for my family's Christmas reunion. This will be the first time that all of my immediate family will be under one roof since my brother got married over five years ago. I think it will be a very interesting time. I hope it will be a good one as well.

Future - While visiting with Heather in Oregon, I realized that I really could actually go to Sacramento to visit her - while keeping up with the writing schedule I have set for myself! This is a very strange realization. I can work on the road. I know what I'm going to be working on. I know what needs to be done before I go. This is really neat for me. So, I will be spending some time in Sacramento in Mid-January for Heather's birthday.

Three Novels and a Query Letter...

That is what I just named my newest document to get my thoughts in order for immediate writing work to be done on. Which one at what phase, which schedule, etc... However, now that I think about it, it is closer to say: Two Novels, One Anthology, Two Query Letters and a Phone Call. (The below are all working titles.)

1. Two Novels - The Old Woman in the White Cadillac, Pangborn Nomads - Both partly outlined. Both ready to start work. Phoebe is helping me with the Greek words for PN.

2. One Anthology - Grants Pass - Needs to have the over all edit.

3. Two Query Letters - One for Grants Pass. One for the Edge of Propinquity. Both need to be written.

4. One Phone Call - Based on my work on the THING, my editors at MWP have told me to call a certain person at WotC and pitch my THINGUS SECUNDAS (not related to the THING) idea to him. This one will have to wait until early January. I need to have more of it outlined so I can have an intelligent conversation with this certain person and not make my editors sorry they recommended me.

Of course, none of this includes all of the work I need to do for the Edge of Propinquity, Year Two, its outline or Kendrick's January 2007 story.

Tarot Card for the Day: The Hanged Man, Inverted

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