Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


I just sent off the final section of the THING to my editor! Two days early to boot! I am so frickin' awesome it hurts! (Or maybe that's from my workout yesterday.) In any case, it's done-done-done! (Until rewrites - if any.)

Officially, the contract was for 60,750 words. In eight weeks. The first five of those weeks I was also working 50-60 hours/week at Microsoft. These last three weeks, I have focused on pretty much nothing else to the detriment of chores and social activities. I overwrote every single section of the book. The actual total number of words written: 64,400.

Average words per week: 8050
Average words per day: 1150

An average of 1150 good words every single day for 56 days*. In addition to writing for The Edge of Propinquity, Abstract Thoughts, LiveJournal and other short stories. Not to mention some of the outlining I did for the 'Old Woman' novel and the YA novel.

Ok. I really do have something to be proud of here.

As soon as the THING is officially announced, you will all get to hear about it.

*PS: Yes, I want to be praised and preened over because of this. Pet me and tell me I'm a good girl.

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