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Dreamlines... Realities Within

This morning, I had one of those dreams with an "epic" feel to it. It was amazingly real. I dreamt I had manifested my powers as one of the nephilim. (This write up is still pretty raw.)

29 November 2006

All over the world, though few in number, the Nephilim were waking to their powers. They were half angel, have human. They had supernatural powers of angels (becoming invisible, non-corporeal, manifesting wings, telepathy, etc...) and the freewill of humans. They were part of God's plan. I was one of the youngest and last to manifest my powers. Most humans embraced this overt sign of the existence of God. People came to worship the individual Nephilim.

I was in a small group of Nephilim and we were being called somewhere. To a gathering on high it seemed, in outer space. I was going to go. But, even though I was able go through the buildings, and to walk rooftops, my wings unfurled, I felt distracted. Heavy.

Then, I saw why. A group of humans who worshiped me had followed. They were begging my attention. The force of their will was keeping me to this earth. I thought it would do no harm to talk with them. I went with them to a building, a church, to answer questions. We were in the back room.

They were asking about me, my powers, what I had been doing. But, I could tell that one of them was "more" than the rest. His force of will was love. He loved me. He truly believed in me and what I represented. The rest were just hungry.

Just as I was getting wary, wondering, I saw an orb of LIGHT coming towards me. It was telling me in the language of angels that this was a trap and that the gathering was a trap. To flee! I did a backwards flip through the floor and began to run, to flee, through the earth. Over and over, in my head, I heard, "XXXXX loves you. XXXXX loves you. Believe that. XXXXX loves you." XXXXX was the name of God spoken in the language of angels.

I came out the other side of the earth and was disoriented, flailing about like a child in water. Being in outer space was still scary/beautiful/wonderful. I thought to seek out the other nephilim, worried for them. Then, suddenly, I -knew- my true believer was dying and was afraid. My duty was to return to him and soothe his passage. I knew it. I did it.

Suddenly, I was back there in a different room in the church with him. I was invisible to all but him and non-corporeal. I walked up to him; his face was a mask of pain, fear and betrayal. I whispered. "I love you. I love you. XXXXX loves you. Believe me. I love you. Go in peace." A smile lighted his face as he died.

Very sad, I started to rise up out of the room. Then, my cell phone rang. It was a thing of this world and pulled me from my angelic state back into this reality. I fell to the bed, my wings askew. I leapt for the wall, to flee, but a creature had entered into the room and grabbed me, pinning me against the bed and wall. I think it was a golem.

As I was pinned, through the door came a man. He was a doctor of some sort. I knew he was the one who had murdered my true believer in order to draw me back. The Nephilim were not the only newly awakened creatures. This man was part man and part something else with the freewill of a man and the insanity of the other. He smiled at me as I cried out in terror to the universe for help.

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