Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Voice Post: Good Samaritan

212K 0:58
“I am <i>fucking awesome</i>! Not only did I get my chains on, I got them <i>off</i>. Unfortunately, I'm not quite awesome enough, because a couple of girls that I saw having trouble putting on their chains I saw having trouble getting their chains off, and they ended up wrapping the chains around their axle. It's not good at all. In fact, towing is going to be at least another hour, hour and a half.

So we called a friend of theirs, and I'm going to stay with them until the friend comes. Maybe her dad will be able to pull the tires off and get the chains off without having to use the bolt cutter. So, I'll let you know what happens. [???] I wish I was awesome enough to figure out the damn chains.

But mine are off, and my car's okay!

Talk to you later. Bye.”

Transcribed by: rawdon

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