Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Voice Post: Interesting Weather

193K 0:57
“Hello everyone, I'm in Knox Butte [?], I'm more than halfway to Grant's Pass. I figured out the halfway point is right around Woodburner. So.

Traffic and weather were very very interesting between Seattle and Portland. We bounced between 33 degrees and 36 degrees, we bounced between drizzle, rain, sleet, snow, sleet, snow, flurries, and it actually started sticking at one point so we had to drop down to about 30 miles an hour. I'm kind of concerned about what it's going to be like when we drive back up, however, I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

Everything seems to be going well, I'm right on track, and I will possibly call when I get to Grant's Pass. I'll talk to you guys later. Bye!”

Transcribed by: rawdon

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