Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Operation Gid-D-Up

Operation Gid-D-Up is about to commence. It is called such because Gideon is Down south in the Bay Area and I am driving down there to get him back Up here.

Yeah. Lame. But it's not even 4am and I haven't had my coffee, yet. So, the name stays.

I should be in Fremont, CA by 6-7pm. Yes, I've read about the impending snow. I have chains for my all-wheel-drive Matrix, extra cash in case I get snowed in or stuck somewhere and I have a very spiffy emergency kit. (Of course I have an emergency kit! What kind of Apocalyptic Girl would I be without one?)

I will be making random voice posts throughout the next three days because I'm *gasp* leaving my computers here.

Ok. Operation Gid-D-Up is commencing. See you on the flip side.

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