Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Waiting for the new build...

"That's it. I'm done. Entertain me."

"What? Wait. You're the muse. You're supposed to inspire me."

"Yeah, whatever. I'm tired. I don't wanna. Entertain me, you stupid writer or I'll never visit you again!"

"Oh. Um. Ok. Since you put it that way... Um.... ..... .... Do you like jokes?"


"Ok. A man walked into a bar and it hurt."


"A-ha! Two men walked into a bar. You would have thought that the second one would have ducked."


"Heh. Those are my favorite jokes."

"Kinda simple."

"I'm not the muse here. Besides, 'keep it simple, stupid.'"

"Oh. Yeah. Sorry about the stupid comment."

"S'ok. Muses are allowed to get bitchy from time to time."

"Yeah. So, what are we working on today?"

"Myths and legends."

"Oh! Yes. I remember now. Ok. Let's get to work."

"Thank you."

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