Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Still Procrastinating

Sylvan: Wow
Sylvan: that is sad and beautiful and wonderful
Jenn: I feel a little like it.
Jenn: For this coming year.
Sylvan: Like all this hard work is just so you can fool yourself into feeling successful? Nah. All this hard work is for your success... you planted trees and tended them while the grew and now you will truly fly through them.
Jenn: Yeah. But the kiwi never had wings to fly and desparately wanted to fly and was willing to sacrifice it all for that one moment of perfect beauty and understanding of what it is like to finally do that thing they have been denied all their life.
Sylvan: *nod*
Jenn: That was a hell of a run on sentence, wasn't it.
Sylvan: I've seen worse
Sylvan: not many, but I have
Jenn: Heh.

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