Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

No Power

I came home early yesterday with a migraine and no power in the condo. That sucked but since all I was doing was drugging my migraine into submission and going to bed, I didn't worry about it. I woke up in the dark and cold. Still no power. So, Ron and I went out for dinner. Came home, still no power. Dammit.

You ever try to get dressed up in gothic finery in the dark or candlelight? Goth points be damned. It was dark and cold and there was no way for Ron to cinch me into my corset properly for Jilly's birthday party at the Vogue. So, I got myself together by candlelight. No curling iron. No make up. I suppose that's goth points there - less than getting in gussied up in Victorian finery - but goth points nonetheless.

We went. We had a fab time. Everyone looked so wonderful. Jilly was just radiant and glowing. It was good to see her. Hopefully she and I will be having lunch next week.

Came home. You guessed it. No power. By then, I was in a 'f*ck it' mood and hoping the perishables wouldn't spoil before the power came back. It did come back while we were asleep.

However, I'm now behind on my writing and wondering if I should get the chimney swept for just in case purposes. If I lose power again, I'm going to be calling people, looking for a warm place with an outlet and the host's willingness to let me work.

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