Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Guilty Pleasures

naamah_darling wants to know what my guilty pleasures are and I am not one to deny her. Some, but not all, are below.

I do watch some reality TV shows: Biggest Loser, Project Runway and, occasionally, America's Top Model. I will admit that the Biggest Loser is the only show I will watch all the way through. For Project Runway and Top Model, I just want to look at the end product - the pretty clothing and the pretty pictures.

I do like some country music and some cheesy pop music. I do. I have Britney Spears and Jewel and Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood and others on my iPod... And I listen to them voluntarily.

I sleep with a stuffed dog named Rufus. Every night. He's my dream guardian. I will freak out if he's not on the bed with me.

I love to roleplay. Table top and LARP. I will roleplay for hours and hours. I will answer to my characters' names and, sometimes, when I'm out at a club, I really want to be there as someone else. And I want her in game friends to be there, too. I don't get enough random out of session goober gaming. I just don't. I want to roleplay a lot. I love IC IM conversations.

I love it when I meow at my cat and she meows back. It's even better when we have a full on conversation.

Some of my most favorite movies in the world are super cheesy: Night of the Comet, Big Trouble in Little China, Conan the Barbarian, Fright Night, The Stand. I have so many cheesy movies on DVD. I adore them all.

Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune... Arrakis... Desert Planet... I have -every- version of Dune that has come out on DVD. I have several copies of the books. I even adore the David Lynch version.

I love the feel of new clothing. If I go into any clothing store, I cannot keep my grubby mitts off. The same goes for mannequins. If they are in reach, I just have to touch them.

Hentai. Yes. I really do like hentai. Anime porn. In fact, the only porn I own is hentai. (For the moment. I've got my eye on a particular Japanese non-hentai movie that is just... hot.)

I almost forgot... I have a treasure chest. I adore ADORE coins. My treasure chest has all of my $1 and $.50 coins in it. I like to play with them, stack em, count em, knock em over.

What are your guilty pleasures? The ones you love without reservation?

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