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November 7
Perspective & Planning

I've joined a gym again - the brand new Gold's Gym in Redmond at the end of 520. It is very nice. I have known for a while that I wanted to return to the gym. I was putting it off until I had "more time" during my Writing Year. However, I got a spiffy deal that saved me $300 for signing up right then and there. So, now I'm starting my working out sooner than expected but I think this is a very good thing.

For one, it is giving me a new perspective on fitness. I think this is something I have needed for a long time. My next Silly Bet is not be a "weight loss in pounds" based bet. I've discovered that it is far too easy to slip back into bad habits that way. Bad habits like eating really good one week and eating like crap the next or of thinking about starving myself the day before weigh-in in order to show a loss. These are not habits I want to get back into but I am slipping towards them and threatening to start yo-yoing on the scale that is a killer of self esteem and motivation.

I cannot do that. This means I need to change something. The change has to be mental and needs to be reflected in my actions.

So, I've decided that I will be doing my own personal custom-made mini-triathlon for my DDC bet. It will be distance based in swimming, cycling and elliptical. Right now, my idea is (as of the week of December 4th) to figure out where my individual distance baselines for 50 minutes of swimming, biking and elliptical are. Then, round it up to the nearest even number and the combination of all three will be my custom-made mini-triathlon. The bonus level will be to do the whole thing in 2 hours or less. That would mean shaving 30 minutes off of the total time within the 2.5 months of training.

When I get my free trainer session, I'm going to explain this to him and ask him what he thinks of it. See if he has any suggestions.

This idea is helping me think about how I want to structure my daily workouts. During the week, when I'll be going to the gym by myself, I'll be able to take as little or as much time as I'd like. So, I'm thinking of a schedule like this: MWF = 2 of 3 triathlon events (Say, swimming and biking 30 minutes each). TTH = 1 of 3 triathlon events (elliptical 30 minutes) and weightlifting. Weekends, if I go with Ron, I should pick a single triathlon event and push it hard for 60 minutes.


On the writing front, I am writing like mad. Then, I am editing like mad. The MWP THING is coming along and I got my narrator point of view idea approved. So, I'm off and running. Plus, I just got to see the cover art for the book by Stephen Youll and it is amazing. Just amazing. I have it as my background image on my computer as a visual cue for what I am working towards. When I get a copy of the book mock up, that will go up, too.

I am learning a lot about writing, editing, what I should do and what I should not do by reviewing each and every submission in the Edge of Propinquity open call slushpile. Believe me, there are some mistakes in there that I've never done and there are some that I will never ever do again. I have to admit, editing an open call has been extremely educational. I think it will help my own submissions in the future.

In prep for my Writing Year, I need to do some fact finding research on the technical aspects of YA books. I have some questions I need answered. I went looking online and got nothing. So, I think I will be bribing friends in the near future with coffee for information.

I've finally chosen the next publishing company I will be sending a query to about Grants Pass. They have come highly recommended and their website promises a response within two months. If they pass, I have a third company I am poking at. So, all is well. I have a plan.

OH! Yes. My Writing Year officially begins as of November the 23rd on Thanksgiving Day! What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift to me. My boss wanted to keep me until February but, really, I am ready to be on my own. I am. It was a nice compliment that he wanted to keep me but, he can have me work for him again in 2008.

Tarot Card for the Day: Wheel of Fortune, Inverted

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