Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Jim Hines on Tour!

Today, we have Jim Hines with us on a virtual tour for his novel, Goblin Quest! Welcome, Jim! I have some questions for you.

1. Is Jig's personality based on the personality of someone (or something IE pet) that you know?

Yes and no. Jig is smart. For a goblin, he's brilliant. But he's nearsighted, and he's a runt, which means he spends most of his time trying to avoid the tormenting of the bigger, stronger goblins. A lot of us can probably relate to that struggle, and the desire to turn things around on those bullies.

Really, Jig's a very simple character. Most characters have complex motivations, but not Jig. He wants to stay alive. He's not worried about honor or glory or saving the world. He just wants to survive.

2. How did you celebrate signing the Goblin series contract?

Oh man, this is embarassing. When I heard the news, I started planning a nice, fancy dinner for me and the family, but I didn't call ahead early enough to get a table, and it never got rescheduled. So really, the big celebration event was making an extra mortgage payment on the house.

And pizza, of course. Celebration by pizza has become a bit of an inside joke between me and my agent. He even makes recommendations when he forwards a check or contract. When the money came in from the German sale, he told me to "grab yourself a nice slice...preferably with chicken, jalapenos, onions, and black olives." The latest check wasn't as big, so he advised me to settle for a meat-lovers, or another bargain pizza.

3. After the Goblin series, do you have something else in the works that you can talk about?

After I finished the second goblin book, I spent a bit of time on other projects. I edited an anthology for DAW called "Heroes in Training," which should be coming out in September of '07. Lots of good stories from big names like Esther Friesner, Peter David, Ed Greenwood, and Julie Czerneda, as well as some amazingly talented "newer" writers like Vera Nazarian, Mike Jasper, Catherine Shaffer, and Eugie Foster, among others.

I did a few short stories for the anthologies "Misspelled" and "If I Were an Evil Overlord," both of which were a nice change from the goblins. It's refreshing to walk away from a novel and do a short story or two.

I also wrote a novel called "The Stepsister Scheme," which I'm quite proud of. It's a nice blend of "Fairy Tale Princesses" and "Charlie's Angels". It was a lot of fun to write. I'm waiting to hear back from my editor, but assuming it sells, I've got a few other ideas for those characters.

4. If the Goblin series were to be put into audio CD form, who would you want to be the reader?

I'm leaning toward Patrick Stewart, because I'd give an awful lot to hear a professionally trained Shakespearean actor do Jig's panicked, "Oh, dung!" Failing that, probably Jim Dale, who does the audio version of the Harry Potter books. The man is amazingly talented.

5. What is an interview question you really wish someone would ask you?

"What would be the best way to set up a foundation to pay all of your bills so that you could quit your day job and concentrate on writing and spending time with your beautiful family?"

Wonderful answers! Thank you for being with us today, Jim!

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