Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Mini Author Interview

I was IM'd while I was working on the THING today. Since I was just fiddling with the words in one section, I went ahead and talked to this random person who looked me up to talk to me about writing after some random chit-chat. I did not clean up her text, writing style or anything. I'm wondering now if I should have commented on any of it.

RandomPersonIMingMe: just one more thing if you have a few moments…how were you able to finally get published?

Jenn/Me: I submitted my work - short stories - everywhere. I wrote every day. I didn't take rejections personally and I did not give up.

RandomPersonIMingMe: long did all of that take i am very persistent and am not giving up now that i have started again…

Jenn/Me: I wrote for 10 years before I got anything of substance published.

RandomPersonIMingMe: well 6 down and 4 to do not want to intrude on your personal space so before i say farewell i have to ask... what is the best advice you can give someone like me...

Jenn/Me: My one word of advice is to submit your work everywhere and to listen to the editors when they make comments about your work that they believe would make it better. They are usually right.

RandomPersonIMingMe: will do and thank you so much for your words of wisdom....i wish you well and a steady hand in your new venture

Jenn/Me: Thank you.

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