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Well, I cannot start the section I wanted to start next for the THING until my co-author answers a few questions. So, it looks like I'm going to have to move on to another section that does not require questions answered. You know, when I write a book, I'm used to the top-down approach. I'm really not used to this odd jumping around from section to section. On the other hand, it is nice that I have the ability to do so and my progress isn't completely blocked.

Winter is here. It started on Sunday at 5pm while I was out with cmpriest and graphxgrrl for a late lunch. We walked into Costas when it was warmish and rainy. When we walked out, it was blustery and bloody cold. The next day, I was thinking was a fluke until I froze my ass off on the way to work and saw that the temp was 29 degrees. This morning, I am smart. I have my Pacific Northwest Uniform (an anorak) on and it is 25 degrees. It is not scheduled to get above 40 degrees today.

I had a mental temper-tantrum last night over a game I am in. (Yes, I am emotionally invested in the game.) While I still believe what I believed last night, this morning I wish I had been a bit more tactful in an email about the situation with my GMs. Mea culpa.

I had a damn good conversation with Ice. We need to talk more regularly. I'm going to make an effort in that direction. He still wants me to move to D.C. and I still want him to move to Washington. Unstoppable force meet unmovable object.

Tonight is robert_from_ap and abneyangel's Halloween party! I get to see nathan_fhtagn and Eve again, too! I'm half tempted to take a notebook and ping magdaleneveen for evilness ideas since I'm going to use a caricature of her as one of the bad guys in Kendrick next year.

Yes, I'm waiting for stuff to build here at work. Why do you ask?

I do believe that my last foster cat is about to be adopted by a neighbor from across the street. This makes me very, very happy.

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